Friday, March 28, 2014

Over the Moon

I had the following conversation with JT earlier this week and thought you guys might appreciate it. Owners of a restaurant near our house are mad at the borough's elected officials for raising taxes (or something). It's a barbecue joint with a big plastic pig as its logo. Ever since taxes went up, the pig has been turned so that its backside faces the road.

JT: “That pig mooning the borough is hilarious.”

Me: “Yes, but is it really mooning, or just standing backward?”

JT: “What do you mean? Both.”

Me: “Are pigs really capable of mooning? I mean, aren't they always pantless?”

JT: “I think it's mooning if their butt is facing someone.”

Me: “Well, that's absurd. I mean, pig butts are always facing something – a farmer, a fellow pig, a trough. Does that mean that whatever's directly behind the pig is being mooned? I don't think so.”

JT: “I think the difference between mooning and just being naked is intention. Like that pig is clearly sending a message. On purpose.”

Me: “Hm. So if I walk out of the bathroom naked and you see my butt, that's not mooning. But if I run up to you, drop my pants and wave my butt around in your direction, that is.”

JT: “What message would you be sending with that?”

Me: “I think the message of all mooning is pretty simple. I think it's just, 'Haha, you saw my butt.'”

JT: “You are obviously not a pig.”

Me: "Thanks, babe!”

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