Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rob Lowe is Getting Gypped

Thanks to DirecTV’s latest ad campaign, we’ve seen the backwards behavior of Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe, the arm hair curtains of Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe and the general jerkiness of Meathead Rob Lowe, among others.

No doubt Mr. Lowe has enjoyed a few nice pay days for each of the spots. But I wonder if he knows there’s another product out there using his name and likely not sending him a cent.

I heard it two seconds after I fired up my breast pump for the first time. Each turn of the motor said his name so clearly, I expected to see it stamped on the handle.

I called for Justin, who came over, listened for half a second, and said, “Oh my God. Rob Lowe.”

We’ve played it for nearly every person who’s come to the house to visit Libby in the last month. All but two heard it instantly.

I give you Breast Pump Rob Lowe.

I fully anticipate a day years from now when my adult daughter attempts to explain to her therapist why she’s obsessed with an actor who’s old enough to be her grandfather. 

And why hearing his name makes her crave dairy.

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